my grandfather died young. i never got to know him. the little i know has been passed down through stories my mom tells, and could be summed up thus:

he loved music. he loved children. he would’ve loved my sister and me. he loved Jesus and dedicated his life to teaching of Jesus’ love.

my grandfather took his own life. and yet, as this photo of his bible reveals, he threw his cares at the feet of a loving Jesus, or at the very least knew he could.

depression hurts long after it has wreaked its havoc. i wish i could have known this man that would’ve loved me… imagine the agony Jesus feels to watch someone He loves (died-for kind of loves) struggle so deeply… so terminally. i wish my grandfather had known that casting your cares can still leave you desperately ill, but that there is hope for health of mind with careful and educated intervention.

cast your cares. i know Jesus will gladly bear them for you. but if you still can’t see hope for tomorrow, please speak up and reach out. things can change.

find some 24/7 resources here

well-worn and carefully marked, my grandfather’s bible reads: T. Housel Jemison 1943

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