from a dark mound of earth
chalky white
face long
turning slowly
nightmarish pace
of i-can’t-run
taller rising
cracking dawn rescue
neck ‘n neck with fear
realization breaks horizon
bathing him
that silly


2 thoughts on “hiding

  1. I’m not a poet and I really can’t get my feeble brain into a place to appreciate written poetry. But music has ALWAYS been such a big portion of what I have learned and enjoyed in my life. Like hot fudge on ice cream, wrapping genius guitar around the words makes it all slide down so much easier.

    Thanks. I’ll try harder.


    1. well, you’re a writer, so you clearly love what words can do.

      i think it’s like food. two people love food, but one loves a huge steak nuzzled up to a pile of steaming mashed potatoes with gravy and a hunk of fresh baked bread. the other prefers a deconstructed, spare plate, where a small, trimmed piece of protein sits alone, a dab of puree inhabits the other corner of the plate, and a drizzle of some obscure, foreign sauce is drizzled artfully in between. but they both love food. and who could prove that one or the other had the better palate?

      as a musician, i completely agree that the music makes everything better… harrison not the least of those who are able to do so.

      write on, friend.

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