with desperate cries
i waved the Eternal over
to hear
and He answered

from the belly
the place of death
i cried out to Him
and He responded

You threw me
into immeasurable depths
in the midst of
a chaotic sea
water closed over me
the waves broke me
the surf swelled
and i sank
i told You:

You drove me out
away from Your eyes
yet somehow i just feel it –
i will see Your holy dwelling

the sea swallowed me
i melted into the abyss
trapped by seaweed
sinking to the root
of the mountain
to where i would be
forever locked in
by death

yet i was lifted
YOU lifted me
my God
the Eternal
my cries rose to You
while those who worship
turn their backs on You
i will sing
i will sacrifice
i will lift my voice
echoing with thanksgiving
i will make good
on every promise
because deliverance
is Yours alone


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