we order life
and its worth
on some twisted
with value linked
to sophistry
depth of violent tendency
muscle of ownership
leaving brutal
at the top
to do the killing
you stood
older and wiser
more beautiful too
guided from birth
from seed
only by your Creator
obediently springing
dying yearly
on His plan alone
trusting His promise
of rebirth
i saw you fall
your executioner
wielding his deathly blows
with precision
without remorse
your space
your home
your birthright
needed as a spawning ground
for human greed
even your death throes
sang of grace
your gentle end
earth herself cradling you softly
the peaceful swing
of your tumbling limbs
speaking of your faith
that your usefulness
has not ended
i cry for you
your cause of death
so senseless
that i cry for us too

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