i’ve looked for Him








even waffle house

over coffee

as acrid as our longing

i have seen glimpses

flashes like sun off a mirror

or headlights 

reflecting through the rain

yet it seems those places

may not hold Him

not well

not for long

tonight i found where He sits

where He lingers

where He stays

til the last soul leaves

after unplugging 

weary coffee pot

the room is ochre

the chairs reclaimed

circle set askew

each seat filled by one

who names their name

who professes their powerlessness

who tells of ugly past

in addictions grip

often with tears

concluding prayer whispered

or shouted with joy

Our Father

and there He is


right in that circle

where He is needed

where He is sought

where He is taught

where i surrender all 

is more

than just a song


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